Thursday, August 9, 2012

Four Day X Box Marathon, Really?

News broke Wednesday that some teenager from Ohio collapsed after pretty much continually playing with an Xbox for four days.

Really? He had nothing better to do for four whole days? Including sleep, eat and just live?  He didn't notice he was fading fast?

Is Xbox really that interesting?
This kid nearly killed himself playing Xbox for
four straight days. 

I know. If you're really into some sort of pasttime that you enjoy, time can get away from you. It happens to all of us. We stay up too late reading, playing, doing something and we're tired the next day. No biggie.

But is this kid a little......obsessive? Maybe needs counseling?

Didn't anyone notice this kid was doing this? His mother finally saw him keel over four days into the marathon. She took the Xbox away, which I guess is a start.

If this kid has to write a "what I did on my summer vacation" essay when he gets back to school. It will be pretty boring. And short. I'll write his essay in his entirety right now, since the kid is so busy with his gadget. Here goes; "I played with my Xbox all summer. The end."

Of course, maybe the kid won't go to school this fall. He'll be too busy playing with his Xbox.

I wonder what would happen to the kid if we forced him to play outside. He probably wouldn't know what to do. Imagine the conversation:

"Ew, what's that green stuff I have to walk on?"
"That's grass."
"And that annoying bright light overhead. Gawd, I can't see the screen on my game console."
"That bright light would be the sun."
"Turn it off!"
"It doesn't turn off."
"There's no 'force quit' for that light? There's got to be!"
"Sorry, no force quit. No ctrl, alt, delete either."
"Ugh. That rustling sound, too. It's distracting."
"That would be wind blowing through the trees."
"What's are trees?"

And on and on it would go.

I don't know if this incident is good PR for the makers of Xbox, but what the hell. Maybe they can star this kid in a commercial. And give him a new Xbox for his troubles. Yikes!

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