Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kid Dances Incredibly, Meditates on Bullying, While Another Kid Just Suffers.

Every once in awhile, I'll share in this blog a video of a really cool, talented dancer doing his or her stuff.  I'm kinda fascinated with great dancers. I guess it's to make up for my dancing abilties, which would remind one of a rat with epilepsy.

This video one is different.

Yes, the kid's dancing is incredible. Supposedly he's 12, but the control he has over his body is just amazing, like he's been practicing for 30 years.
But the video tells a story of bullying, of suffering, of people around kids who don't have their best interests at heart. You want to believe the story line, that the kid perseveres through the awfulness, and finds his mojo in dance. So much so that other people come around to him.

Happily ever after.

The video is really a work of art, not just because of the dancing.

Now for a reality check. The video above is a fictional storyline. Inspiring, beautiful, artful, yes. And the dancing is certainly real. But real life, unfortunately, doesn't always end well. I hate to be so depressing, but there you go.

The reason I'm being Debbie Downer is the video below. Because as far as I can tell it's real life. And it's far from pretty or inspiring or hopeful.

Apparently, some shoppers in a Vineland, N.J. Walmart heard an awful mother yelling at her daughter. Supposedly, you could hear it all over the store, and it lasted a long time.

As everybody seems to do nowadays, somebody whipped out a video recorder, and caught the mother in what looks like a deliberate attempt to make the young girl take a nasty fall from a shopping cart.

It's painful to watch, but do it anyway. It's a sad commentary on what looks to be a little girl's lousy childhood:

As people confront the woman, she says "I didn't mean to do that one."

That one, lady? Does that mean you regularly pull mean, injury causing abuse on your young daughter? Is it a coincidence there's a pink cast on the girl's arm? Or did you cause it?

In the video, you see people who saw the incident confront the wicked mother. Those confrontations are well meaning of course. What are you supposed to do when you see something like that?

But it escalates, and the mother who pulled the cart out from under her daughter makes excuses, and resorts to yelling, out of control. That's what bullies do to discourage people who confront them.

While this is going on, look at the daughter. The mother makes gestures to comfort her, but it looks fake, and the girl knows it.  All the yelling from everybody makes her an embarrassing center of attention, and she just wants to fade away.  If anybody in the world needed a hug, a safe place, the girl is the one.

She knows that, probably, she's not going to be rescued. And since everybody made a big deal out of the abuse, she knows she will get more of it at home. It will be her fault, of course, at least in her mother's twisted view.

I haven't been able to find out what happened to the girl and her mother.

Maybe I'm assuming everything incorrectly, but to me, that's how things usually work out, unfortunately.

What will happen to that girl?  Somehow, I doubt it will be a Hollywood ending, like the kid in the dance video who finds joy in his talent. No matter  how smart or talented the real little girl is in that sad video from Vineland, New Jersey, there's no escape, or so it seems.

Will she have the strength to make it to adulthood? Will she be a damaged adult, one who either shrinks from the world or becomes an abuser herself, because that's the only thing she knows?  Or was this just a rare, bad moment,?

And will she find the strength to soar, like the kid in the dance video? I sure hope so.

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