Friday, August 24, 2012

Texas Judge Really Needs to Take a Deep Breath

I'm here in the Let's Not Overreact department here at the Matt of All Trades blog,  counseling a Texas judge who says that if President Obama is re-elected he's afraid there's going to be a civil war.
A worried looking Tom Head  contemplates Obama's
possible re-election. 

Apparently, according to Lubbuck, Texas County Judge Tom Head, Obama, if elected, will let the United Nations, and some sort of army it has, take over the United States. Naturally, the fine citizens of the United States would object to that (I sure would!) and launch an armed rebellion agains the United Nations force.

Could be messy.

Head, who also runs emergency management around Lubbuck, admits the possibility of this all happening might be kind of low, but he sees it as a real possibility.

I suppose anything could happen. I mean, for all I know, in five minutes, a fleet of pink elephants from Pluto could descend on my house and eat Jeff and I for breakfast. That would sure kill our weekend wedding plans, wouldn't it?

But somehow I doubt I should spend too much time worrying about pink elephants from Pluto. Just as Head should probably stop worrying about Obama and his United Nations army.

Aren't there more immediate emergencies in Texas anyway? A drought, perhaps?

Sure, there will be a lot of people who will be disappointed if Obama wins, just as there will be a lot of people disappointed if Mitt Romney wins.

But Judge Head,  take a deep breath. I'm sure Obama won't launch an army against his own citizens. And I'm sure Romney won't do anything equally stupid and far fetched.

We'll have an election in November, somebody will win, and life will go on. Trust me on this.

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