Sunday, August 19, 2012

Man Puts Gas in Garbage Bags To Save Money

Dumb person, and potential Darwin Award nominee of the year goes to a man at a filling station in Bellingham, Washington who used plastic garbage bags as containers for the gasoline he was buying.

Yes, you read that right.  Seattle television station KOMO had a report on photos taken of the guy using the garbage bags for the gas.  No word on any explosions yet.
Man fills trash bags with gasoline in Bellingham,
Washington. Photo from KOMO.

Bellingham is near the Canadian border, and gas is much cheaper in Bellingham than in Canada. So Canadians living near the border go to Belllingham, fill up their tanks, and bring lots of extra containers to fill up on gasoline. Reasonable enough, if you use a regulation gas can, which almost everybody does.

As a cop says, channeling Captain Obvious in the KOMO report, carrying gasoline in plastic garbage bags is a bad idea. Imagine the bags springing  leaks, with gasoline filling up the trunk, vapors filling the car and then some of the spilled gas dripping onto a hot exhaust pipe or something.


Besides, breathing gas fumes is dangerous. It can cause brain damage for one thing, which might explain why the guy was filling garbage bags with gasoline. I'd also hate to be caught in a traffic jam just behind the moron with the plastic bags full of gas.

This isn't the first recent incident in Bellingham, Washington with people having trouble with Canadian shoppers. Residents of the fine city say their local Costco is so packed with Canadian shoppers they can't even get into the place.

Some Bellingham residents want Costco to have hours where only Americans can shop.   What's Costco supposed to do? Put up their own border patrol checkpoint and turn those invading Canadians away? Wouldn't that cost so much money that Costco would have to raise their prices, thereby making it not worth it for the Canadians to come anyway?

That would get rid of the Canadian shoppers, but do the Americans really want to pay extra for their Costco loot?

For the record, Costco said it would continue its levelheaded policy of letting anyone with a Costco membership shop at any of their stores whenever they are open for business.

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  1. Your a moron. The man had Jerry cans in the garbage bags. I guess idiot Americans would be too stupid to realize the difficulty in lifting a garbage bag full of gasoline.