Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guilty for Leaving the Dog at the Kennel?

The video is this post is for confirmed dog lovers, I know it, but indulge me. What goes on in the film is interesting to contemplate. And now, having watched it, I feel guilty.

A woman who works in a dog kennel filmed the guests there as they waited for their families to return. You can never be sure what goes on in a dog's head, of course. But the filmmaker's schtick, and one that seems reasonable if you watch and a dog lives with you, is they miss their companions and can't wait until they return.

As I said, the video makes me feel guilty for leaving our Jackson and Bailey at the kennel while we work, even though I know I shouldn't feel that way. I know the two boys have fun playing there, and Barb at Deja Vu Kennel in Milton, Vermont takes excellent care of them.

When either Jeff or I pick up Jackson and Bailey from the kennel, there's such an explosion of joy from the two boys, as we call them.  I might tell they could have starred in the video, which you can watc h:

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