Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Best Wedding Ever

I know, I know,  I've been writing so much, maybe too much about my wedding, which happened Sunday.  Lots of people get married. Get over it, Matt.

I'll stop soon and get back to the usual goofiness in this here blog thingy. But I'm still basking in the afterglow, so bear with me.
Jeff and I exchange vows Sunday. Photo by Jody Remsing,
Jeff's and now also my niece.

The parties and celebrations are over. I haven't been hugged so much by so many people in my life!

Jeff and I are starting to settle back into our routines. I love the heavy feel of the thick tungsten wedding band on my ring finger. I love the ability to say "my husband" when making a reference to Jeff. Other than that, I don't feel much different than I did before the wedding.  Of course,  my sense of extreme luck that I have such wonderful family and friends has grown even bigger. And, my love for Jeff will keep getting bigger and bigger, too. 

Jeff's family departed for their homes in places like South Dakota, Missouri and Kansas yesterday morning. I had a chance to have one last breakfast with them before they left, so that was awesome. I can't wait to see them again during the holidays. 

As always, I managed to make some goofups during the ceremony itself. I was crying at one point, and Staci, now my niece, was the officiant at the wedding. She discreetly handed me a tissue. I blew my nose a little. Instead of stuffing the tissue in my pocket, I handed it back to her. I"m sure Staci appreciated it.

When the big moment came to put the ring on Jeff's finger, I tried to put it on his middle, not ring finger for some reason. "Wrong finger," Jeff hissed as I started to do that, then made a comical face to the family and friends in the theatre. Leave it to Jeff to add humor to a good moment.

I managed to get the finger on the proper finger and things went on.

Jeff designed and scripted the whole wedding, as I said.  We were all dressed in white. Everybody. Including the guests. Awesome singers sang romantic tunes. My sister Lynn, surprised me during the "let's toast the couple" section of the ceremony by indiscreetly mentioning that my 50th birthday is coming up and let's celebrate with a cake right now. So we did. 

Payback is a bitch, Lynn.   (I'd considered marrying Jeff as my birthday present) The chocolate cake was delicious though. 

The ceremony was touching, emotional, funny, compassionate, soaring, warm and loving. Just like Jeff.

We ended the ceremony on a high note by playing Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." I can't dance in a dignified way, but who cares?  I whooped it up like everyone else in the theatre. Everything was perfect.

Several people said it was the best wedding they'd ever attended. All I know is it was the best wedding I've ever been to. But you knew that. 

Luckily, family and friends  who read my post I wrote hours before the ceremony on why I married Jeff thought my reasoning was good.  I had to laugh and appreciate it when Jeff said during his vows, that he'd read the post and his thoughts were "ditto."

Our wedding photographer, the awesome Andy Duback, took this great time lapse video of the entire ceremony:  Have a peek. Again, thanks so much everyone!!!

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