Friday, July 27, 2012

Members of Racist Church in Crystal Springs, Mississippi Think They are Living in Jim Crow Days

Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson are happily married, but that's no thanks to the creepy racists at the church at which they were supposed to be wed.

Members of the mostly white First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, abruptly decided the Wilsons couldn't get married at the church, as planned, because the couple is black, according to television station WLBT.
"Christian" members of a Mississippi church would not let this
couple get married in their church because -horrors! - they are
African American

The white "Christians" at the church, told the pastor he would be fired if he wed the couple in the church.

The pastor, Dr. Stan Weatherford, wed the Wilsons at a nearby church, because he said he wanted to officiate the ceremony, but did not want to ruin the couple's day with wackos at his own church.

Frankly, I think Weatherford's days at this "church" are numbered anyway, because he did go ahead and married the couple. A black couple. The horror!  

Weatherford comes off as a nice enough guy in the WLBT report. I'm not sure he did the right thing by moving the wedding. Maybe he could have made a stand. But he was in a tough spot, and had to think of something in a hurry. And he was thinking about the couple's happiness.

So I give him a pass.

I can't wait for an explanation from the congregation, if we get one. They'll stammer about how they're not racist., but come up with some other excuse. It will be interesting, I'm sure.  It sounds like they'll say the Wilsons are not official members of the church, but I'm sure anybody will find other non-members getting married in that church.

As long as they are white.

Imagine if a black gay couple tried to get married in Crystal Springs,  Mississippi,

Is this community proud that they haven't advanced a whit since before the civil rights movement?

These mega-bigot moments come up from time to time in America, unfortunately. You always get these idiots who proudly let their moronic mindset come to the surface. Crystal Springs is just the latest example.

And this will play out like these mega bigot moments always do. The church is in for a HUGE crap storm of people mocking the "Christians" at this church, deluging them with nasty emails, calling them up to yell at them until their phones melt.

I love the irony on the Web site of this church, which states "These are Exciting Times for Crystal Springs."

They don't know the half of it! The exciting times they mention refers to a building project, but that's not what they're going to get! No sir!

These crap storms always die down eventually. I'd like to look up what happens when we all move on to the next controversy and the lights and cameras go elsewhere.

In the meantime, if you've got a shred of decency. stay the hell away from Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

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