Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Backyard Lily Fair

Last week, Jeff took me up to Greensboro, Vermont, to the Vermont Daylily Farm, where I was besides myself with glee.

They have hundreds of really wild varieties of lilies, and he brought me there to shop.

Of course I like the traditional orange lilies, but my gawd, the colors, textures and sizes you can get make my head spin.

I need that variety in my St. Albans, Vermont gardens

Jeff already brought home a bunch of the Greensboro  lilies last year, and they are now in bloom in various sections of my yard. My attitude is, if a few day lilies are a good thing, more are a great thing.

The pictures in this post are lilies that are already growing and happy in my yard. The last pic is in Greensboro, which shows just some of the huge choices I had. You might have to scroll down to see the photos at the bottom, and click on any of the photos to get a bigger, clearer view of them.

At Greensboro, you can wander around the gardens this time of year, and look at the different varieties in bloom. You get a multi-page list which shows which lily is which, and the particulars like when they bloom, how much they cost and how big they tend to get.

We took the list home, after our marking our potential choices. A very nice chore was wandering around the property, imagining which lily would look good where.

I probably could have spend $2,000 on what I wanted. But I'm on a budget, so I limited myself to $124.

It might actually be more fun to add a few lilies every year, so that every summer the color in my yard gets more and more extensive.

We put in the order, and Jeff will go to Greensboro tomorrow to pick up the order. I will be busy planting next week, for sure.

I can't wait.

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