Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Cell Reception? Trash the Cell Phone Store!

We all have love/hate relationships with our mobile devices. Gawd, they're convenient. How did we live without them in the bad old days? You'd have to wait to get home to see if you got any phone messages.

We didn't even have email, instant messaging and Twitter. How in the world did we get along without knowing what everybody was doing the instant they were doing it.  I mean, it's positively medieval not knowing that a distant friend is about to go to a sushi bar for lunch, or not having up to the minute updates on the exploits of Lindsay Lohan.
Our hero in the midst of destroying a T-Mobile store.

On the negative side, these devices sure are frustrating. You want to check your smart phone to see whether any new cat antic videos have been uploaded within the past five minutes, and you can't get reception! Or it loads too slowly!

Sometimes the exasperation with smart phones boils over. Which is apparently what happened in Manchester, England recently, when a man who has HAD IT trashed a T-Mobile store. He's so calm about it as the video below shows. And wait until the end. He is so polite, so pleasant with the police. I'm not kidding.

The Daily Mail says the man, Jason Codner, 42, was upset because T-mobile wouldn't give him a refund. 

And I'm sure it's worth a stint in jail to demonstrate you are not happy with your T-Mobile service.

 I'm sure he feels better now. And if he gets a better phone, he can upload his new viral video:

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  1. That would be hilarious if a cellphone store did not have reception. The cell phone store in Calgary and other places usually have like wifi or something inside. Thanks for sharing this information.