Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Creepy Kids Give Seagulls Laxatives

A video making the rounds this week shows a bunch of kids at some beach giving seagulls laxative-laced food and watching the resulting mess.

I love a good prank, but unlike a lot of commenters on the YouTube video, I can't bring myself to have a sense of humor about this one.

Really. The kids are just creeps who need to get a life. And they're proud enough about this to post a video on YouTube?

I'm definitely no fan of gulls. Those damn birds are aggressive, annoying, noisy and messy. Go away! But still, is it fair to feed them something that could injure or kill them?  I think some people are aggressive, annoying, noisy and messy, but that doesn't mean I will feed them laxatives or otherwise harm them.

What about the people below who are the victims of the shit rain from sky, induced from these lousy kids? At best, a day at the beach is ruined. People deserve a break, and these kids unilaterally decided to kill that idea.

I don't know how unsafe the bird crap is, but it can't be good.

My suggestion: Find out who these kids are and make them take a nice, refreshing dip in the local sewage treatment plant.

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