Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do SUV Drivers Like Creating Roadkill?

Found a video where a guy did an interesting experiment.

He put realistic looking turtles, snake, tanatula and leaf on the shoulder of a road, and watched about 1,000 vehicles. His conclusion: Six percent of the drivers are willing to swerve to intentionally kill a small animal on the side of the road.

Of course, the positve way of looking at it is 94 percent of drivers won't be mean to small animals.

The video is strangely engaging and informative:

An interesting finding is that most of the people who swerved to kill the small animals drove trucks or SUVs.

I want a follow up study: Why do people intentionally run over the animals? It's obviously a nasty thing to do. What did the animal do to them? It probably gives these motorists a sense of power, but you have to be pretty pathetic to base your self esteem on an ability to crush a tiny turtle or snake beneath the wheels of your giant truck?

What are these people like, when they're not killing small animals? Are they future psychopaths, ready to turn into small critter exterminaters to mass murderers? Almost all of them are probably not that psychotic.  Are they loners because everybody hates them? Or do they hide their assaultive personalities well. Do they own animals like dogs themselves? How do they treat their pets?

While you're swerving to kill the turtles, do you worry that you're driving unsafely. Do you also threaten bicyclists and pedestrians?

Obviously, most people who drive SUVs and trucks DON'T run over critters for sport. I drive a Toyota Tacoma, and I feel guilty for days if a chipmunk runs out onto the road and I can't avoid hitting it.  So they will never let me into the Kill Critter Club. Or whatever.

Does anyone out there reading this run over small critters for laughs and giggles? Or know somebody who does? I'd love to know the reasons.

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