Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dramatic Video: Another Reason Running Red Lights if Bad

I first saw this video in the Gothamist, and it goes to show you what happens when you're a moron and you race down a busy city or suburban street and run a red light.

Miraculously, according to the Gothamist, nobody was seriously hurt. I felt bad for the person the moron hit. He or she was minding their own business, slowly going through an intersection and heeding a green light, and WHAM!

I don't feel as sorry for the red light runner. Haven't heard if he's been charged or not. The video was recorded by one of those red light monitors that take photos of scofflaw cars and send the owners a ticket.

According to New Jersey officials, this was recored at around 5:30 a.m. May 29. What, moron was late for work? Now he's really late.

At least stupid guy was smart enough to wear a seat belt apparently, as you can see in the video he stayed in the driver's seat despite......well, watch.  Then there's controversy, see below the video.

Of course, the video was released to show that running red lights is bad, which is true. But these red light monitors can also be regarded as money grabs.  Some cities are said to set their red light switches so there's no time for a motorist who starts through with a green to get to the other side before it turns red.

Then they are ticketed. Traffic standards call for a certain length of time where the light is yellow, but some cities shorten it, maybe to get money. One woman said she got a ticket in New Jersey because for one fifth of a second, her car was still in the intersection when the light turned red.

So I'll guess we need to begin stopping at green lights, too?

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