Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crappy Subway Escalator Sad Commentary on Society

Gross news out of San Francisco gives us a new example of the problems associated with homelessness.

An escalator broke at a BART station in San Francisco. BART is the city's subway system.  Repair crews ended up having to call in a Hazmat team when they discovered the escalator broke because it was clogged with A LOT of human excrement, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. 

A broken BART escalator in San Francisco
I'm sure the zillions of people who use the escalators each day were thrilled to hear this news.

It turns out late at night, homeless people find the bottom of the escalators a relatively private area to relieve themselves. So they do it into the holes in the escalator. 

This is certainly one more reason why we need to work to end homelessness, if we didn't have enough reasons already. 

You can't arrest somebody for crapping in the escalators unless their caught brown handed, so to speak, or they admit to doing it. Who would admit to doing that? And there are few public restrooms open late at night in San Francisco, so what's a homeless person going to do?

I've only heard of this problem in San Francisco, but it must be an issue in other cities. 

Makes me glad I'm not a public transit director.

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