Thursday, July 19, 2012

Storm, NYC Style: Cigarette Butts Attack

Up here in Vermont, it hasn't rained much this summer, but when it has, we tended to get violent storms with high winds that push down trees, lightning that starts fires, torrential rains that turn streets into rivers, and hail that pelts gardens into pulp.

But, we should consider ourselves lucky. In New York, they had a bad thunderstorm Wednesday, which filled subway stations with disgusting water laced with rat crap and urine (and people walked through it anyway, YUCK!)

At least Vermont storms are a bit cleaner than those in the Big Apple, no? As proof, I offer you this video of an overwhelmed subway drain during the storm geysering water and lots and lots of old cigarette butts.

Look at it this way: The video is a good incentive to stop smoking for those of you who do indulge:

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