Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Air Passengers Will Always Hate The Woman They Met On Their Flight

News outlets were abuzz Monday about the world's least welcome rendition of the popular song "I Will Always Love You."

It turns out the song by Dolly Parton and popularized by Whitney Houston, was on this woman's heart and mind as she traveled on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York.

The problem was the woman sang the song, repeatedly and loudly, surely enough to make other passengers want to bust open the windows and leap out of the airplane high over Colorado or something.

Here's a brief video of the performance:

This was bad enough, of course. But it could have been worse. Imagine if she sang "Crash Into Me." or   "Free Falling" or even "Leaving on a Jet Plane"

The plane with our "I Will Always Love You:" lady  finally made an emergency landing in Kansas City and the woman, still belting out "I Will Always Love You," was escorted off the plane.

I suggest the surviving air passengers listen to something by Nirvana or Guns N Roses to finally get "I Will Always Love You out of their heads.

She was not arrested, but American Airlines, probably wisely refused to let her set foot on another of their planes so she could continue her trip. And her singing.

Media reports suggest she blamed her diabetes for the episode. Low blood sugar can cause odd behavior, it's true, but geez, somebody give her a cookie or something!

But then, she'd probably start repeatedly singing "Sugar Sugar by The Archies, and another flight would have to make an emergency landing, probably in Sugarland, Texas.

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