Saturday, May 18, 2013

Instant Justice in Elephant Poaching Case

It's infuriating to read these constant stories about poachers gunning down endangered and magnificent animals like rhinos and elephants because idiots think if they get their hands on the animals tusks, or better yet injest them, they'll be strong, virile he-men.
Wildlife justice: Did an elephant fight
back againt a poacher, killing him?  

Of course it's obvious that anyone who would ingest parts of a tusk from such a beautiful creature is anything but a he-man. You'd think nobody would want them as a sexual partner.

Often, the poachers who kill these animals get away with the crime and make a tidy profit from the scumbags who would buy from them.

So it was delightful to read the story of instant justice:  A poacher was trampled by an elephant he was trying to kill, according to the Sunday Mail of Zimbabwe, via the Nothing To Do With Arborath Blog.

Hmm.  I keep hearing stories about the intelligence and cooperative nature of elephants among their herds, so I have to wonder if this was pure instinct at work on the part of the elephant. Maybe the elephant has a well developed sense of justice.

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