Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crayons' "True Colors" Revealed, In a Depressing Way

Are the color names on Crayola crayons too cheerful for you?  Are the colors "lemon yellow"" "raw sienna" and "Caribbean green" just too pleasant and optimistic?
Try these crayons for the depressed artist on
your gift list  

Well, you're in luck. Found on a blog called "What To Do After Survival" via  BoingBoing are alternative names for some crayons.

How about "court ordered urine sample yellow."

Maybe "bong water brown"?

"Moral ambiguity gray" might make a good color for storm clouds, mental or otherwise.

And for a really depressing drawing, try "void of existential anguish black"

I'm sure these colors will go over big in kindergarten classes nationwide.

Or not.

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