Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dog's Water Bowl Is Fire Hazard

Hey, you need to make sure you give your dogs a constant, plentiful supply of water.

A couple in Santa Rosa, California was doing just that and almost burned their house down as a result.
Who knew? It turns out a dog bowl like this
is a fire hazard, if the sun hits it just right.  

They had one of those nice shiny metal water bowl and left it out on the deck for their pooch to take a sip anytime he wanted to.

Then the couple noticed a bit of smoke. The metal bowl focused the sun so intensely on an exterior wall that it burst into flames. 

Yikes! Who knew just a simple kindness to a dog could be so dangerous.

Luckily, the couple was home to quickly spot the fire, the fire department showed up fast, and the house suffered minimal damage.

I've got a bowl just like the one that started the California fire. Jackson and Bailey love it.

Still,   I think I'll move the bowl. Or just get a plastic one. On bright mornings, the sun shines through a glass door onto the bowl in the kitchen. I don't need any hot times at my house.

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