Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rejoicing In My Spring Flowers

It's finally that time of year. When, instead of making sure my gardens are growing properly, or expanding, or have enough water, I'm chasing around the yard photographing the hell out of everything that's blooming.

That's par for the course in my life, but what are you going to do?  I might as well perserve some of the fruits of my labor for posterity.

So I take photographs

I took the photos in this post about three days ago. Since then, I've uploaded more than 150 from my camera, all of which I haven't processed yet. So there's more to come.

My camera had better not wear out.

Meanwhile, hope you like these floral moments from my gardens in St. Albans, Vermont


  1. I planted daffodils last fall and not one of them came up! Do you get your bulbs from a catalogue or is there an Agway nearby? I used to live in St. Albans and my yard was so shady my vegetable garden looked like it had been grown on Mars or something.

    Margo Howland

  2. Margo: I got my daffodil bulbs from Gardeners Supply. Have had pretty good luck there. I planted many daffodil bulbs last fall. Almost all did fine, but a few are stunted, not doing well. Harsh deep frost this past winter? I might have also planted the bulbs a bit too deeply. You probably already know this, but for everyone, when planting them, use good garden soil, and sprinkle in this stuff called Bulb Tone when planting daffodil bulbs in the fall. Bulb Tone (And Flower Tone and Rose Tone) available at most good garden centers.