Thursday, May 23, 2013

Meanwhile, In The Mall Parking Lot, A FIGHT!!

Talk about a "security guard" not being able to secure a situation!

Near a mall in Ohio, a truck rolled off a road and plunged into a deep ravine. From the vantage point of a nearby mall parking lot on a hill, people started taking pictures of the wreck.
...and Action! Biker lady tackles obnoxious
security guard. Nobody behaved well here.  

But a mall security guard wasn't having it, no siree!

See, taking pictures from anywhere on the mall property is Just. Not. Allowed. Because....because.....well, probably no reason, but rules are rules!

So our security guard goes into action. Hilarity ensues. The picture takers think the security guard is pathetically funny. They're right.

Our guard threatens to take the cameras away.  Like she could do that. Especially with that tough looking crowd.

She demands everybody leave. She demands everyone delete their pictures. Nobody complies. She threatens to call the cops and have the picture takers arrested. Everyone shrugs.

Finally, our security guard gets just a wee bit too much into the face of a biker chick. Probably not a good idea.  The biker chick reacts like you'd expect.

And so we get this very, very, classy video of some high class people doing high class things near a high class mall near a high class ravine.

So far, no charges have been filed, but the security guard has been fired

Enjoy the following clip of people, especially an inept security guard, behaving badly.

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