Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To Stop People From Peeing On Your Building

A locksmith business in Allentown, Pennsylvania had a problem.

A corner at the back of their building was the perfect place, in a lot of peoples' minds, to take a quick pee out of sight of passersby and without having to find a proper restroom in some building somewhere.
Guy tries to pee against building, building pees
on him.   

The people in the locksmith business didn't like this. Who wants the smell of stale pee wafting into your workspace all day? They needed to solve the problem.

What they did was ingenious. They set up a security camera, and anytime someone started to pee on the corner of the building, the building would pee on the pee-ers.

Well, it was just water coming off the building, but a lot of it.

The business put together a NSFW highlight video of a people peeing and getting peed on by the building.  It's hilarious.

This post won't please the commenter on one of my previous blog posts, which showed a flash flood roaring through a building. She said that video made her want to pee. This will be worse.

Here's the video, just for laughs:

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