Thursday, May 16, 2013

Worst Behavior On a Honeymoon Ever

Newlyweds love to skip town after their ceremony go to someplace romantic and beautiful and quiet, to get their marriage off to a rousing start.
Mohammed Ahmed is accused of
looking for variety while on his honeymoon. 

Naturally, you'd expect the happy couple to be pretty much into each other at this point, and any sexual activity would be between our happy couple.

Oh, but Mohammed Ahmed, 21,  of Illinois had different ideas for his honeymoon. God only knows how long he'd been with his wife before the actual marriage. He needed a change.

Maybe the sex was already a little stale and he wanted something new. So, while his brand new wife languished in a Florida hotel, our buddy Mohammed solicit a prostitute fron an on line ad.

I'm sure his new wife was so, so impressed!

The prostitute turned out to be an undercover detective, so Mohammed was arrested. The wife found out about this when she filed a missing persons report because her brand new husband didn't return to the hotel.

He didn' t return because he was being arrested for being a john!

So maybe as it turns out the wife didn't make the best choice in a man. Unless of course he's innocent of the charges. There are other fish in the sea, so to speak.

Maybe she can write her wedding ceremony with Mohammed as a practice run of sorts, so she can have the perfect wedding day in the future with a real man. One that, you know, has a bit of respect for his wife.

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