Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bailey Modereger-Sutkoski 2000-2013

The sweet golden dog Bailey Modereger-Sutkoski, 13 in human years, died peacefully after a short illness Saturday with his loving dads and brother Jackson the cocker spaniel with him to send him off.
Bailey enjoying a windy autumn day last November.   

Bailey was proud of his reputation as a bit of an International Dog of Mystery.  His origins are indeed murky, though it appeared he was a handsome mix of Huskie and maybe some golden retreiver, or possibly Malamute.

His soulful brown eyes melted hearts where ever Bailey went

He lived with another  family who obviously loved Bailey and kept him well cared for over a number of years.

However,  the family had to very reluctantly relinquish Bailey in 2012 because they could no longer financially care for him.

By that time, Bailey had become fast friends with Jackson at his doggie day care in Milton. Jackson introduced Bailey to his dads, Jeff Modereger and Matt Sutkoski.

Since Bailey needed a new home, Jackson asked his dads if the family could adopt Bailey.  Jeff and Matt enthusiastically agreed and never regretted it.

Never one to focus on the past, Bailey offered us few clues as to what his life was like before he moved in with his dads and Jackson around the first of July, 2012.  He settled quickly and happily into his new home.

Bailey was pleased that his new digs were situated on an exposed, breezy hillside. He loved to spend time standing in the yard, facing the wind, the gusts blowing through his gold and white mane. He savored all the different aromas wafting in the breeze.

At various times during the day, Bailey also liked to slowly explore his grassy yard, just looking and smelling for whatever went on in the course of the day.

Bailey also loved his morning routine, which involved heading outdoors in the cold, predawn hours with Jackson and usually with his sleepy but still loving and patient dad Jeff at 4 or 5 a.m. In those early morning outdoor jaunts,  Bailey reminded Jeff about the beauty and miracle of each new morning.

Later, when dad Matt was up and pecking away at his laptop in his office, Bailey always came into the room for kisses, a neck rub, then a vigorous belly rub.  Bailey knew that all work was no way to go, so he made sure every morning to remind Matt that belly rubs were much better and more important than the latest news.
Bailey enjoying a nice snooze in the warm indoors
on a frigid day in January, 2013.  

Bailey's morning routine was complete when he chowed down his breakfast, always with gusto, then he'd settle down next to Jeff, who would be enjoying his morning coffee.

Bailey was the quiet, zen-like Yin to his brother Jackson's rambunctious Yang. They were an odd couple, but a happy one. Jackson liked to enthusiastically and playfully bat at Bailey's neck and face, which Bailey accepted for awhile, until a quick, authoritative growl would settle Jackson down.

Bailey also loved spending time at Deja Vu Dog Kennels for the day while his dads were at work, playing with his brother Jackson and the other dogs cavorting at the day care.

Settling into somewhat old age by the time he arrived in St. Albans, Bailey also liked to curl up in his comfortable bed in the living room as his dads watched TV, then move to another bed in the bedroom to be close to his dads as they turned in for the night.

Healthy until the last two weeks of his life, though a bit deaf, Bailey would often snuggle up to dads Jeff or Matt, seeking and getting a sense of security in the aromas the two men picked up during the day.

During his illness over the last two weeks, Bailey was stoic and uncomplaining, as he always was. His dads were understandably distressed by Bailey's sudden poor health, but despite his own pain and discomfort, Bailey always went out of his way to try to ease his dads' worries and tell them everything will be OK.

Bailey is survived by his dads, Jeff Modereger and Matt Sutkoski of St. Albans, Vermont, his brother, Jackson the cocker spaniel, also of St. Albans, Vermont, his special, dear friend Barb Brodhead of Deja Vu Kennels in Milton, Vermont; his (Jeff) grandparents Donald and Lois Modereger of Yankton, South Dakota; his (Matt) grandparents, Henry and Pauline Sutkoski of West Rutland, Vermont; many loving aunts, uncles, and other human relatives, and very many human and canine friends.

In lieu of flowers, those who wish may donate to their local animal shelter, Humane Society or any organization that shows love and support to dogs and all other animals.


  1. So sorry, I know the pain for having being there 2 weeks ago.

    Know that you gave him such a great home for his last year and he enjoyed being with his new family.

    You will carry him in your heart for ever
    and he will be with you in spirit

    Lots of hugs to you, Jeff and Jackson

    Brigitte, Steve and Lilly the Yellow Lab

  2. So very deeeply saddened by your loss. Thank you so much for bringing Bailey into our virtual lives this past year.
    We will all miss him.