Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Bizarre Florida Crime Keeps That State Way On Top For Weirdness

Florida has a well deserved reputation of having by far the weirdest people, weirdest crimes, weirdest activities perhaps in the world.
Police accuse Jason Vickery of a rather
unique visit to a home that was not his, contributing
to Florida's reputation for wackiness. 

And we can thank a guy named Jason Vickery, 23, for maintaining Florida's wildly crazy reputation

According to police, and WTEV Action News in Jacksonville, Vickery supposedly broke into a St. Augustine house and started masterbating in the bathroom. That is until he spotted a toy helicopter and played with that for awhile.

Then he beat off again. Oh, and he also stopped his activities in the house for a bit to enjoy a nice salad.

Police said they found some drug paraphernalia on Vickery. Shocking.

Of course, all this is par for the course in Florida. It's easy to find dozens of examples of weird Sunshine State News, as this slide show of 16 or so odd items demonstrates

Among the unique news items from Florida in just the past year or so:

---A woman was arrested for riding on the back of a manatee.

---Miami Gardens megachurch Pastor Rich Wikerson offered to eat a cockroach to gain new congregants.

---An elderly man tried to smuggle 16 birds from Havana, Cuba to Miami by sewing them into his trousers (TSA agents found the birds during a patdown)

----A guy named Eddie Gonzalez was trounced in his bid during the November elections to unseat Republican Florida Congressman Mario Diaz Balart. This is despite Gonzalez's effort to win by changing his name to, which is the name that appeared on the ballot.

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