Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dramatic, Horrifying Deadly Plane Crash Caught on Dash Cam. Unbelievable

You'll probably see this video on the news tonight, but it just came out.

A terrible plane crash happened the other day in Bagram in Afghanistan. A 747 cargo plane crashed on takeoff, killing all eight aboard.

It turns out a dash cam on a vehicle along a nearby highway caught the whole thing. You see the plane rising, losing control, and then it gets absolutely terrifying.

The Taliban claimed it shot down the plane but the U.S and others say there was no incoming fire or missiles. The dash cam video seems to support the U.S. claim, as, at least from what is visible in the video, there are no signs of rockets or anything like that.

I hesitate because the video is a little exploitive, but it is just so incredible, and so terrifying, I had to share.

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