Monday, April 8, 2013

Tumblr Site Documents Multiple Reasons Why Toddler Is Crying, Hilariously

It's every parent's dreadful routine. Their toddlers cry constantly. For any reason.

Any parent can get frustrated by that, but one father has a sense of humor. He started a Tumblr site, "Reasons My Son is Crying," which is just a series of photos of the kid crying, with a caption under each photo explaining why he was crying at the moment the photo was taken.
The crying toddler in "Reasons My Son
Is Crying." 

The site is strangely hilarious, and it's a fun time waster to go through and count the zillions of reasons a toddler cries.

Among them:

"I wouldn't let him drag the snow shovel into the house."

In a photo with him the bath tub:  "I wouldn't let him drink bath water."

"His brother's boots don't fit."

In a photo of him crying near a pond: "I wouldn't let him drown in this pond."

"I closed the refrigerator door."

"The milk isn't juice."

"Grandma wouldn't let him spill his ice water all over her and the table."

"We suggested he play with a train."

"I didn't show him a picture on my phone quickly enough. And yes, they were pictures of him crying."

This site will continue to grow, as it looks, so keep looking for more strange reasons to cry.

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