Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You're Beautiful. Just Ask Anybody Other Than Yourself

Dove, the skin care products company, has released a great video that offers the best perspective I've seen in a long time about perceptions of beauty.

The women were positioned behind a screen so the artist couldn't see them. He had to rely on how the women described themselves to make his sketches.
Two sketches of the same woman, one as described
by the woman, one by an acquaintance. Watch
video to see which one is more accurate. 

The women who had their sketches done were then told to get to know one other participant in the event.   

Those other people were then brought into the room with the sketch artist, again behind the curtain. The friends had to describe the woman they had met and explain that other woman's features to the sketch artist. 

The result of the sketches were striking. The drawings of the women  that were based on how women described themselves were not nearly as attractive, and much less accurate than the sketches that were drawn based on the descriptions other people gave. 

The really rather moving video is below and I think a lot of women ought to watch it. It's very enlightening.  Many people are their own worst critics, it seems.

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