Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cliche Is True: Whoever Terrorized Boston Is Total Coward

As I write this, we still don't know who detonated the bombs at the Boston Marathon or precisely why they did so.

But the general reason why they did it is obvious. They either knew their mindset and ideology are morally and intellectually bankrupt, or they knew that pretty much everybody thought that about their perspective.
The terrorist's brief moment of power in Boston.
It didn't last, and we ultimately win.  

Terrorists are terrified of the fact that most of us don't have their warped world view.

This includes people who might cause violence like this not in the name of some twisted religious or political reason, but because they want to inflict maximum pain on others. Just for fun.

Like a scared animal, the terrorists lash out because they are alone in their sad ideologies. Being alone can be very frightening, if we let it get out of control

That's not to say I have any empathy for these losers.

All of us, deep down, have some opinion, some part of our belief system that relatively few people share. But we just deal with it. We understand smart people disagree, and move on.

Or, if the political or religious system is not to our liking, we lobby for change, try to convince people our opinions are right, and vote for politicians whose worldview most closely matches our own.

That's the way it ought to be.

Terrorists are incapable of doing that. Incapable of rationality.  They can't bear a world that doesn't exactly match their way of thinking. Terrified of this reality, this total lack of power they have,  they impose their own terror on us.

To an extent, it obviously works. People are killed, and their loved ones have to suffer the loss. Terribly injured people have to deal with their disabilities. Traumatized witnesses must bear the awful memories. The rest of us put up with the inconvenience of increased security measures.

But always, defiance rises out of the ashes of any terrorist attack. After the 9/11 attacks destroyed the Twin Towers, they put up an even bigger structure, the Freedom Tower.

After the attacks in Boston, people said, hell yes, they'd come to the Boston Marathon next year, and they wouldn't let this awful crime make them cower.

We gather in solidarity to the point of being goofy. How terrible it must have been for the terrorist to see the crowd at Yankee Stadium sing "Sweet Caroline" in solidarity with Boston.

We're not moved to change our worldview to fit the terrorists' . We do just the opposite. We're not scared into submission. We live on as best we can. We don't give them the power they crave.

That's the way it ought to be.

The terrorist loses again. It makes him all the more pathetic. I don't know if they're capable of even feeling how much the world villifies them.

Most end up dying messy, lonely, miserable deaths. They commit suicide in the actual attack, or after it, or somebody kills them or a  judge and jury imposes a death sentence.

Few people feel any regret that these villains die. In that sense, the terrorists get what they want. They're taken away, forever, from the world that they cannot accept. And maybe, in death, they go to someplace even worse. Something unimaginably bad.

Unfortunately, someone, somewhere, is the next terrorist that will try to do the same thing.

But the rest of us will prevail again. Because most of us understand that no matter what our differences are, all you need is love.

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