Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kroger Manager Thought Charity REALLY Sucks

Talk about good deeds never going unpunished.

A man named John Young is suing because a former manager of a Krogers supermarket assaulted him for giving free food to a woman who needed it, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Last year, Young was a not-so-young 73 when he was in a Krogers, buying food for a charity he volunteers for. While there, Young said he overheard a woman say she couldn't afford to buy all the items she needed.

In the checkout line, Young told the woman to follow him out to the parking lot. There, he started giving her some of the food he had just bought.

Well, that was way, way, too much for Kroger manager Jack Hinesley, according to the lawsuit Young has predictably filed.

Hinseley emphasized Young could not sell food at the Kroger's parking lot. Young pointed out he wasn't selling anything, he was just giving it away.

The manager reportedly responded by slamming Young to the ground. (Hinesley is reported to be much younger and much bigger than Young)
John Young after he was assaulted by a supermarket
manager for giving away food he'd bought at the store.

Young's rotator cuff was torn and he still hasn't really regained the use of his arm, he says.

It's totally unclear what Hinesley's beef with the food giveaway was.  Nobody stole any food, it was all bought and paid for. It doesn't seem Young was causing a disturbance or attracting an unruly crowd. It was just one guy being nice to one woman in a small gesture of kindness.

Hinesley was charged with assault by police.

Apparently, Kroger's wasn't exactly impressed with Hinesley's actions either. In a statement right after the assault last August, the department store chain put out this statement:

"What happened to Mr. Young was a terrible thing. This never should have happened and we deeply regret that it did. After an internal investigation, we have decided to terminate Mr. Hinesley's employment with Kroger. We hope Mr. Young recovers quickly from the injuries he suffered."

Still, young is suing Hinesley, Kroger's and their security firm for $3,500 to recoup medical expenses, accorting to the Journal-Constitution.

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