Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three Guys Deported From Saudi Arabia Because They Are Too Handsome

Here's a problem three guys encountered that happens to me all the time never.

The trio, visiting Saudi Arabia from the United Arab Emirate for a cultural event were deported from Saudi Arab because they were deemed too handsome.
This man was reportedly kicked out of
Saudi Arabia for being too good looking.  

According to 

"According to Arabic language Elaph newspaper, the UAE nationals were taking part in a heritage event in the capital Riyadh on Sunday when they were thrown out by Saudi's religious police.

Saudi Arabia, a strictly conservative Sunni Muslim society, prohibits women from interacting with unrelated males."

Apparently, the authorities in Saudi Arabia thought that women, upon seeing the handsome men, would uncontrollably throw themselves at the guys, and do all kinds of unseemly things.

According to many media sources, one of the guys thrown out of Saudi Arabia for being a hunk is Omar Al Gala, a photographer, actor and poet from Dubai.

Judging from photos of the guy, our buddy Omar is indeed quite handsome. I could see why women would be attracted to him, but if Saudi women are like most women everywhere, some might try to get a date with the guy, but I doubt any would do anything like strip off their clothes and demand Omar have their way with her in the middle of the street.

I obviously don't now Omar Al Gala, but given that he seems pretty successful and all, so he's probably level headed enough and wouldn't do anything too untoward.

I have to feel sorry for the women of Saudi Arabia for a variety of reasons. The country isn't exactly a center for womens' rights and freedom. Hell, women aren't even allowed to drive a car.

And now we learn women can't even fix their gaze on a handsome man. Only physically ugly men are allowed in Saudi Arabia? Shouldn't women have the right to check out the goods on a good looking hunk?

I guess the unfortunate women of Saudi Arabia aren't going to have access to any Chippendales dancers anytime soon.

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