Sunday, April 7, 2013

Plan For Man's Nice Hot Shave Literally Backfires

A nice luxury for guys is a hot shave.

You know, go to the barber shop or wherever, have the professional put on some nice warm shaving cream and give you the closest, most relaxing shave you could ever have. I might even make an appointment.
If you want a hot shave, please don't
heat this can up on a stovetop.  

For the Do It Yourselfer, don't try what a guy in Florida did. His thought, according to the Tampa Bay Times, was to heat up a can of shaving cream on the stove, and Voila! a hot shave.

Well, he certainly got a close shave. The metal shaving can did what you'd expect it to do when heated. It blew up.

The guy was treated for cuts. There wasn't much damage to the house, but there was shaving cream all over EVERYTHING !

So after he got his stitches, the guy had some serious house cleaning to do. So much for the shave.

The Tampa Bay Times article helpfully notes you can get a nice home warm shaving kit from Walmart for about $65. Presumably, that's safer.

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