Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Calling Out the Dogs On Criminals, Or At Least Faking It

Say you're a member of a police agency, and you have some criminals, some really bad guys holed up in an apartment building.
No attack dog available? Fake it by getting cops to
bark and growl.  

One way to flush the bad guys out of the building is to send in the vicious, snarling barking police dogs, or at least let the criminals hear them.

Even the worst of the bad guys don't want to get mauled by a dog as if  they were bacon-smothered chew toys.

What if your police dogs were unavailable? What if they're busy working another crime somewhere and can't be brought to the scene of the guys holed up in the apartment building? What do you do then?

If you are part of the New Haven, Connecticut police department, you have your officers bark and howl like dogs outside the place where the bad guys are holed up., according to television station WFSB.

Hey, don't laugh. The ploy worked. Two suspects were arrested and taken into custoery without incident.

I wonder if many police departments train their officers to act, or at least sound like dogs when the situation warrants?

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