Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hilarious Parody: Men Think They're Hot. Yeah, Right

The other day I posted something here on Dove Real Beauty Sketches, a video from the Dove skin care company that had women describe themselves to a sketch artist, who couldn't see them, then had somebody else describe the same women to the sketch artist.
From the parody men's version of the
Dove Real Beauty Campaign"  

The portraits that emerged from the self descriptions were decidedly less accurate and more ugly than those that came from the descriptions from the acquaintances.

Since that post, I've noticed there is some debate over whether the Dove Real Beauty Sketches are a tribute to women's beauty and an antidote to womens' self doubts, or a something not entirely wonderful. 

Critics have said the video lacks diversity, and may elevate the importance of physical beauty even if attempted not to.

Of course, there's also the inevitable parodies of something like this. So I give you "Dove Real Beauty Sketches--Men" which imagines how the same experiment would work out with men. It's really funny, and in its own twisted way, true. Have a look and have a laugh:

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