Monday, April 29, 2013

Baboons Party in South Africa House. Homeowners Probably Not Amused

It's time I stop complaining about the ants that have invaded my kitchen, the ants that are resisting all attempts to eradicate them.
A still from the now famous baboon infestation
video from South Africa

Other homeowners have it worse. Much worse.

A video that's been going around big time this week shows what happens when you leave a teeny tiny second story window open in an otherwise locked and buttoned up house near Cape Town, South Africa.

Some baboons made themselves at home in the house in a place called Bettys Bay. Some neighbors, Kyle Peters and Howard Fyvle, finally broke into the house to rid the place of the baboons and filmed their exploits.

Judging from the condition of the house, the damage was done. The baboons had helped themselves to the fridge, and knocked lots of stuff over.

The simultaneously best and worst moment in the video comes when one of the two, in the house trying to chase out the baboons says. "Oh my God, there's dookie everywhere!"

South Africans have a charming way of saying crap or shit, don't they? Dookie. I'll have to remember that one.

I have a good friend, Michael, who lives in South Africa. He's never told me stories of baboons and dookie in his house, but maybe he lives in the wrong part of South Africa for such baboon invasions.

Most of the baboons fled when our buddies Kyle and Howard ordered them to.  One large one was there to stay, though. It was a bear getting rid of that last baboon, let me tell ya.

Here's the entire video.  Be glad it was only a mouse that ran across your living room this winter, not a baboon:

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