Sunday, April 7, 2013

When Committing Insurance Fraud, Don't Say Lost Items Were Purchased At Store That Didn't Exist

A woman named Latrell Taylor is in big trouble for reporting the theft of at least $116,000 in jewelry

Reporting the theft wasn't a crime. The alleged crime came when she told her insurance company the jewelry was bought at a particular store around 2008. Trouble was, the store didn't exist until 2011.
If police reports are accurate,
Latrell Taylor is not very good at insurance fraud. 

The receipts apparently were fake.

Apparently the cops got suspicious when she supposedly parked the car full of expensive jewelry in a really sketchy neighborhood in Chester, Pennsylvania, according to the Daily Times newspaper of Deleware County, PA.

Among the items supposedly stolen from a Louis Vuitton bag were a $30,900 diamond engagement ring, a $6,000 diamond bracelet and a $79,800 diamond pendant.

Yeah, I'd get all my expensive jewelry and leave it out in the open in a car in a bad neighborhood, too. OK.

Our friend Latrell maybe should have planned this whole thing out better. Better luck next time, Latrell!

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