Monday, April 15, 2013

Vermont's Chilly, Blustery Spring Can Be Beautiful

Vermont had a pretty typical early spring day yesterday.

For many people calling something a typical spring day conjures up images of sunshines, slight mild breezes, daffodils blooming, that sort of thing.
A bright evening sun lights
up a tree against a dark sky
in St. Albans, Vermont

Not in Vermont. The sky was full of dark billowing clouds, cut by slices of blue sky and sunshine poking through.

Every once in a while the cold spray of a chilly April shower had early emerging garden plants wondering what they were doing, coming up so early.

In some places, the April showers mixed with snow, or sleet. Then the slanting evening sun would blast through the clouds, lighting up a landscape just on the cusp of finally turning green.

Another view of bright evening sun lighting up
trees against a dark background
A sharp evening sun forms patterns and shadows on
a stone wall I've built on my St. Albans, Vermont property.  
Sun and evening shadows cast forms around a decorative
star on the shed in my yard in St. Albans, Vermont
A changeable spring day ends in a bright but moody
sunset, as seen from my yard in St. Albans, Vermont
Of course I took some photos. They're all from my yard in St. Albans, Vermont. Funny how you don't have to go very far to see beauty in Vermont, even if the day in question isn't in the classic form of beautiful.

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