Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Needed Distraction: Three Goofy, Weird, Funny Videos

This blog post might be totally inappropriate, given the awfulness in Boston yesterday.

But maybe we need a brief distraction from that, before we get back to praying for the victims and hoping for quick justice.

In the delightfully quirky blog "Nothing To Do With Arbroath," there's an endless, fun series of odd news postings, goofy moments and twists of humanity to keep you busy for hours.

This weekend they posted a few videos showing how creatively silly we humans can get.

The first one is just of a woman waiting for a bus who gets bored, and you see what happens. Love the "Dancing Queen:" soundtrack to the video, too.

 Next we go to a horse pasture, where we learn that getting on a horse takes at least a tiny bit of skill.

Then we go to a local newscast, to learn all about the night a banana and a lobster broke into an art gallery and stole some valuable works

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