Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Woman Stealing Gas Gets What She Deserves: Slight Injury, Much Humiliation

You don't like to see people take nasty spills, unless they deserve it. Then we love it.

So here you go:

A woman in Australia was pumping gas, and she and the guy in the car were intent on leaving without paying. A gas station attendant became suspicious and started hovering.
A still from a surveillance video of a gas theft
that went awry  

The would-be thief started getting nervous with the very attentive attendant standing nearby.

The gas pumping lady, wearing a very minimalist outfit, I must say, got what was coming, as you see in the video below.

By the way, you'll be relieved to know there was no explosion or fire after this video ends. And apparently, the thief wasn't seriously hurt.

Police in Austrialia say the license plates on the car were stolen, so they're hoping people recognize the idiotic woman and tell them who it is.

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