Friday, April 26, 2013

Well, I Wouldn't Have Chased The Guy Into Croc Infested River Too

Police in Australia are still looking for a sex offender who fled from them by running into a crocodile infested river.
A suspect jumps into a crocodile infested
river in Austrailia, while pursuing cop
hesitates on shore. Photo from ABC  of Australia

The suspect, Tyronne Speechley,  apparently made it out alive, with no crocodile bites, but police, justifiably in my opinion, said it would have been too dangerous to go into the river after their suspect 

According to ABC Australia:

"The Queensland Police Union (QPU) says officers could have drowned or been attacked by a crocodile if they had followed Speechley into the river.

It is known to contain crocodiles, be quite deep in parts, and on top of that, with all the equipment that police have on them at the time, there is a very real risk they will damage or lose their firearms, Tasers, police radios, QPU president Ian Leaves said."

So, they'll have to catch Speechley another day. And when they do, maybe they can just drop him into the same crocodile infested river, where maybe the crocs could have another shot at him.

Cheaper than paying for a jail cell

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