Sunday, February 12, 2012

Camera Phone Thief Poses for Camera Phone During Theft

Now that we live in a world where everything is photographed, videoed, recorded and put up on social media, we bring you this story about the theft of a smart phone.

This thief is posing with the phone he just stole. Hmm.
Wonder if he'll get caught?
A British blogger named Matt Parker said he was on a British train late on Feb. 2  when a woman  left behind her bag. Her phone was inside the bag.

Parker intended to take the bag, with the phone, and get it back to the woman. However, a seemingly paparazzi-friendly guy on the train stole the phone. 

Parker took a video on his own smart phone of the whole thing. He yelled at the guy for awhile, trying to shame him out of the theft. The thief was undeterred, even seeming to smile for Parker's camera phone while he nonchalantly stuck with his plan to steal the phone.

A very clear still from the photo, which you see
to your right, is also getting wide publicity.

If this guy thought nobody would see the resulting video, boy he was more stupid than we thought. As of 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in the U.S. , the video has had more than 270,000 hits. And since it's just starting its sharp arc of turning viral, I'm sure a million or more people will see it before the week's out.

I wonder where this loser is going to hide?

I suppose Parker could have tackled the guy, but I agree with him that it was good that he didn't. You never know what will happen, and it's not worth getting hurt over a phone.

The woman whose phone was stolen. Deonne Farquharson,  managed to get her bag containing other valuables, such as cash back, thanks to Parker.  Said she:

 ”Matt was a hero.  It was wonderful that he stood up to this guy. I am glad no one got hurt and I just hope the thief gets caught.”  :”Thankfully I only lost my new phone.  I managed to get back by bag, keys, credit cards, and cash thanks to Matt. "

As I said, Parker posted his video on YouTube.  (see below). As it's gone viral, so I'm sure somebody will turn the loser in. I'd love to see whether he's so brazen once he's inevitably caught:

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