Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update: British Video'd Phone Thief Caught

To the surprise of nobody, the guy I wrote about Sunday who was on the British train  Feb. 2 and stole somebody's mobile phone and not caring that another mobile phone user was filming him and yelling at him has been cited.
Ross Heckman, the "nasty little scrote" who stole
a phone and posed with it for an outraged passenger.
He was ID'd Tuesday.

The British Transport Police gave Ross Heckman, 21, of Addlestone, Surrey what is termed a "caution," according to the Web site Get Surrey

As an aside, I love the way the British say things. In the comments section of the Get Surrey article, someone called Heckman a "nasty little scrote."  I'll have to borrow that expression in the future when describing someone unpleasant

Anyway, Heckman has to cough up the equivalent of $782, write a letter of apology to the woman he stole the phone from, and stay out of trouble until at least June 14.

A pretty light punishment, if you ask me, but then you figure the whole world now knows who the thief was and where he lives, so he's going to be living in hell for awhile. I'm sure he'll be hounded by neighbors, and especially that notoriously wild British press.

Oh well, Ross, live and learn, right?

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