Monday, February 13, 2012

Fly, Robin Fly

I did an article for the Burlington Free Press on the fact that robins this year are basking in the warmth and bounty of a Vermont winter.

Yes, I know a Vermont winter is barren, cold, snow covered and empty, but this year is different. Lots of berries are left over on trees from a wet summer and fall. The ground has little or no snow, so there's plenty of food there. Less importantly but still significant, it hasn't been that cold, so those robins aren't exactly freezing to death.
A robin I photographed for the Burlington Free Press
story I wrote on robins wintering in Vermont

The robins I've seen around my house all winter look happy enough, except when my dog Jackson decides they're great toys to chase. (Jackson is always so disappointed when the robins fly away. They're supposed to stay on the ground so he can catch them.)

Just because my ADHD brain runs off on tangents, often cheesy, campy tangents, all these robins made some 1970s disco highlights pop into my head. I just love that era, so icky, so kitschy, so gold lame, so sexual in a one night stand sort of way.

Specifically, the winter robins made Silver Connection's epic 1975 disco hit, "Fly Robin Fly," pop into my head.

I find it striking that the entire lyrics to the song consist of seven words: "Fly, robin fly. Up, up to the sky," yet there are dozens of Web sites that offer you the lyrics to the song, in case you want help memorizing it.

The video for "Fly, Robin Fly" is pure 70s schlock.  Watching it gave me a belly laugh. And if you are as sick as I am, you will too. Watch:

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