Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't Delete Those Annoying Facebook Photos, Sue!

It always comes down to lawsuits.

You take a simple problem with a simple solution, and get the lawyers involved. It's the American Way.

The latest case is from Minnesota where a guy is mad is uncle posted somewhat embarrassing childhood photos of him, with a few snarky comments. You could just delete the photos, but nope, let's sue!

Well, the guy, Aaron Olson's been trying to sue his uncle, but so far the courts have been unsympathetic. A judge recently threw out Olson's suit.

And by the way, the lawyers weren't heavily involved in this case, as it turns out. Olson represented himself. Kind of badly, according to the court papers.

Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of good reasons for lawsuits. They can bring justice to people who were seriously wronged, and help people who have been financially devasasted recover.

But really. Suing over some stupid Facebook photos? I could see a lawsuit if the photos made the person out to be some monster, or icky criminal and a child molester or something.

These photos were pretty tame, we're told. And it's not hard to untag a photo somebody's put on your Facebook wall. Try it! It's easy!

I haven't seen the photos in question. They've been deleted from Facebook, which is probably just as well. Now Olson can sue any photographer who might have (perfectly legally) photographed him entering or leaving court. You have to keep those judges busy.

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