Thursday, February 16, 2012

No War Until After Madonna Concert, Please

Nobody likes war. War is so deadly, so destruction, so disruptive. War can interrupt your concert plans.

But luckily, a Facebook group has come to the rescue to possibly postpone a potential war between Iran and Israel, at least until after a planned May 29 Madonna concert in Tel Aviv.
Is Madonna's planned May 29 concert in
Tel Aviv a good excuse to postpone
a nuclear war?

As you've heard on the news, the governments of Iran and Israel hate each other. Iran basically wants Israel to disappear from the face of the year. Israel objects to Iran so much they are allegedly killing its nuclear scientists and threatening to bomb Iran to bits to get rid of their nuclear program that Israel says Iran wants to use in a nasty war.

That's serious stuff.  Especially since  Madonna, smarty that she is, would probably cancel her concert if there's a war going on around Tel Aviv. Especially a nuclear war. The war would hurt ticket sales, and exploding bombs would surely disrupt her eye-catching stage show.

But, the Facebook group figures, if you wait to start the war until after the concert, everybody can have a good time with Madonna, and not waste money on pricey concert tickets that would become useless if the concert is canceled.

Methinks this Facebook group is on to something. There can be a variety of things Facebook groups can postpone, postpone and postpone.  Nobody likes trying to meet the IRS April 15 deadline to pay taxes, for example, so maybe a Facebook group can get the IRS to postpone the deadline until, say,  Lady Gaga's 50th anniversary tour some decades from now.

Or we can postpone death until after Justin Bieber's grandson becomes a big pop smash. Hey, it's worth trying.

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