Friday, February 24, 2012

More Lake Champlain Clouds

This mild winter, I've been repeatedly drawn to Burlington's Waterfront Park, as the clouds over the strangely unfrozen lake have featured this wonderful mix of dark and light, sun rays breaking through rthe clouds, and a mix of warm and  cold colors.

You've seen several photos I've taken down there in this blog over the past couple weeks. I couldn't resist a couple more.  I took these on a pleasant 50 degree Wednesday afternoon, as a small, but rollicking storm approached.

The storm would bring quick downpours, bursts of huge snowflakes and some rumbles of thunder later that night. It was as if winter and spring were arguing with each other as to which should be the dominant feature of the moment.

The photos capture a bit of the mildness of the warm February day and the roiling feel of the atmosphere getting ready for at least a semi-storm.

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