Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ah, Spring! The Season of Bizarre Naked Mental Breakdowns

Boy, getting naked and having a mental breakdown sure is the hottest trend lately! Must be the strange, warm weather we've been having across much of the country.

A lot of you have probably already heard of Jason Russell, a co-founder of the organization called   Invisible Children. They've been in the news because of a YouTube video they put out called "Kony 2012" which calls for the capture of a horrible Ugandan warlord/rebel who does nice things like kidnap and torture children.
Jason Russell of Invisible Children had an
unfortunate, public mental breakdown last week.

Of course, one would want to capture somebody like that. The problem is a lot of critics have been pounding the video and Invisible Children because the video is inaccurate, out of date and patronizing. Critics also say that Invisible Children is anti-gay, and has other issues.

Anyway, against this swirl of attention and controversy, Russell got (briefly) naked and ranted in the streets of the San Diego area before being taken into custody and hospitalized.

Russell's wife and Invisible Children spokespeople said that Russell was super tired, dehydrated and was deeply hurt and pressured by public criticism of the group's video.  So let's hope he recovers and has no further public breakdowns.

To be fair, as The Atlantic points out, a psychotic episode like Russell's  is a medical problem, as serious as a heart attack, really.  So we hope he gets better. Even if that means TMZ doesn't get its hands on more strange videos.

Next we go to the fine community of Upper Darby, Pa., where a woman, her adult daughter and teenage son showed up to get the older woman's son out of the high school. The woman does not have custody of the kid in the high school, so school administrators, logically enough, said no and told her to leave, pronto.

She did, but came back. She, the daughter and the son took off their clothes, ranted about Jesus and God and generally ran around and were obnoxious, police said.  I suppose that's one way of complaining about a school administrator's decision. The older woman in particular is getting a mental evaluation, officials said.

Now, we all hope people with mental illness do get help, but let's also hope these naked public breakdowns are just a coincidence and not a trend.

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