Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Painfully Lazy: Man Chops Off Foot to Avoid Work.

I love my job, and find my feet incredibly useful. I offer these random thoughts to reassure people I will not chop off either of my feet to avoid going to work.
Please keep your feet attached
if you want to stay employable

That would make me different from an Austrian man. He was unemployed, and didn't want to find a job or go back to work. So he chopped off one of his feet and threw it in the stove to render himself unable to work. 

Um, I would think that anyone willing to chop off his foot to avoid work is unfit for employment anyway. And I wonder if he really thought this through. If you want a life of leisure, wouldn't you want both feet to, I don't know, wander out to the veranda with a nice afternoon cocktail?

Then there are the medical bills. The national health care system in Austria is probably pretty good, but still, there must be out of pocket expenses for his missing foot. Don't you need a job to pay for the care?

By the way, and this is gross, but apparently rescuers retrieved the severed foot from the stove to see if doctors could reattach it to our strange man, but the foot was too badly burned to be of any use.  Maybe this guy was using symbolism. He didn't want to work, because bosses kept holding his feet to the fire. That'll show 'em!

So anyway, it's off to work for me right now. And luckily, I have two feet, so I should be able to get from my truck to the office pretty quickly.

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