Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jackson Kills The Drunk Snowman

Jackson the cocker spaniel, who is the head of the household that Jeff and I share, decided to have a little fun this past weekend in our St. Albans, Vermont yard.
On Saturday, Jackson the cocker
spaniel dances with our goofy snoman.

Saturday, as snow rapidly got soggy on a nice 50 degree, sunny afternoon, Jackson and I  ended up building a rough snowman with soda can eyes. The snowman clung to a beer bottle with his    broken stick left hand.

You can see the snowman had a rough time of it, what with Jackson tearing at the snowman's stick arms. I think the snowman was drunk, too, as he toppled over by evening, broken and defeated.

It turned much colder by Sunday, and all the slush from Saturday froze. Our snowman was hung over,  terribly broken and battered on his back, frozen to the ground, waiting to fade away in the oncoming March thaw.

For good measure, Jackson grabbed a stick arm from the broken snowman and played with that for the rest of the day. A sure cure for a slow weekend.
Jackson, on Sunday, inspects the
broken wreckage of the snowman
we made on Saturday.

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