Friday, March 9, 2012

Warmth Means Freedom After Winter

We didn't have much of a winter in Vermont this year, but yesterday, the first really, truly spring day here, still felt like being unleashed from prison.
Moody clouds and sun over Winooski, Vermont
yesterday, as temperatures climbed to the 60s for
the first time since November. 

The temperature reached the lows 60s, setting some record highs for the date. It was the first time since November I was free to walk around without a coat, not struggle with putting on layers of clothes. I was able to cruise down the road in my truck with the windows open. Ahhh.

It wasn't a classically bright, spring day. The clouds were dark and low, scudding along the mountains, sometimes parting to let in a glimpse of sun, only to close in again.

A strong, gusty south wind stirred up dead leaves, dust, paper, litter. March is the least pretty month of the year in Vermont, and that was true yesterday.

It's back to winter today, as I woke up to an inch of fresh snow on the ground and a chilly northwest wind. We've got a couple cold days coming but forecasters are promising a nice big warm spell again starting Sunday and lasting a few days.

So the slow motion jail break from winter will continue, and I'll look for the green outside I've been craving since the onset of winter. Crocuses by Monday, anyone? My gardening finger is itching big time

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  1. Equally mild winter here in Asheville, NC. We got to March 1 with no measurable snow whatsoever so far, the first time since 1932 and only the third time in the past 120 years. We will get to the middle of March without any, but who knows what will happen after that, whether or not we get our first completely snowless season. Two years ago we had almost 40 inches.