Friday, March 2, 2012

A Cain Ad As Horror Flick?

Wow, Herman Cain might be long gone from the presidential race, but he's still putting out ads, and they are, well, creepy.

The dying goldfish in the scary new Cain ad.
The latest one, "This Is the Economy on Stimulus" is all over the blogosphere this morning.  To illustrate how lousy Cain thinks the Obama stimulus package is, we are presented with what appears to be a psychopathic little girl standing in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

She dumps a goldfish out of a bowl onto the ground and says that's the economy. Then she splashes the dying fish with water and mud, to symbolize the stimulus. Then the crazy little girl demands to know if we have any questions, and we'd better say no, or she'll bludgeon us to death, I'm sure.

I haven't seen a scarier little girl since "The Exorcist"

I also have to wonder about the idea of torturing little animals to make a political point. The liner notes at the bottom of the YouTube video, which you can view if you dare at the bottom of this post, say the fish is fine. But I don't think so.

What's next? Will the frightening little girl stick nails into puppies to demonstrate Cain's disdain for Obama's education policy? Toss kittens off tall bridges to demonstrate Cain's view that the nation is experiencing freefall under Obama?

Cain's advertising was made famous last year, when his team produced one featuring his chain smoking campaign manager standing menacingly in a doorway singing the praises of Cain. The ad ended with Cain with a chilling smile.

I don't know whether Cain is a scary guy or the most wonderful person in the world.  But boy, his ads are enough to give people nightmares. Maybe his team can create second careers for themselves by making dark, bitter horror movies. They do have an audience after all.

See the goldfish ad for yourself, below,  and tell us what you think.

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